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A planning toward sustainability demands profound analysis in order to generate precise forecasts. Nevertheless, such forecasts will remain unsharp if far-reaching into the future. Therefore it’s appropriate integrate into the design space for steerable evolution processes. This may regard the process of development, as well as the operation model.

> zgwk - ziegelwerk b, urbanization, bernau

> lcrm - le corbusier remastered

> bgep - orthodox community, berlin

> gstk - town houses, glienicke

> esrg - office development, dreilinden

> sfmu - opera italiana pro oriente

> rlnx - resortleben


> tswm - expanding horizons

> cvdd - campovida community management system

> esrg - office development, dreilinden


> cvdi - fábrica são pedro

> eoff - elastic offices

> rclt - reycleit

rlnx resortleben

Although dependency is raising with advancing age and restrictions appear to be similar, Individuality remains, if not even grows. One of the main challenges of attended residences is to provide the demanded assistances and services, while maintaining the desired individual life style of the clients


This concept explores the edge between a building and a “neighbourhood”, where living together still maintains privacy and individuality. 

The solution consideres the separation of what is the common demand, from what is individual demand. An infrastructure warranting the provision of the demanded attendance is installed. This includes the safe accessibility, the general areas of supply, as well as building equipment.

Individually designed third party houses can be (after passing the compatibility proof) docked to the pre-installed infrastructure. This facilitates an adjustment to varying expectations of residents, enhancing the quality of life of people, who are in the need of attendance.